Tourist Blog with Short Travel Stories

Tourist Blog: Short Travel Stories Featuring Me!

The world is full of mysteries and amazing coincidences. I’ve been to many countries and each of them welcomed me differently. As I was traveling across the globe, I collected a big “sack” of stories that I want to share with those who dream about going abroad but have to pay attention to more pressing issues. I hope that you will find my stories entertaining and maybe even inspiring!

One of my stories will be the main attraction today! Strangely, we will talk about my experience in an online casino and how an unexpected “casino bonus” changed my life!

Oliver Lopena — A Travel Blogger

Seven years ago, I graduated from a college and started thinking about my future prospects. My extraordinary story started very ordinary. I decided to volunteer for Red Cross. At first, I worked only in South America but then took an opportunity to move to Pacific. A couple years later, I started doing some freelance stuff and helped news reporters get around.

Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Oliver Lopena. I am a professional traveler and an amateur blogger. Some of my personal stories are really weird. I was lucky to meet hundreds of good people who helped me during my exploratory endeavors. To honor them and entertain you, I will try to tell true, inspirational stories that will, hopefully, make you happier!

The most exotic places I have been to

The roads of the world are like vines. I have a lot of short travel stories about places I visited during last four years. Some of these anecdotes are funny. Some are scary. Let’s talk about countries that I had an honor to see with my own eyes. I will try to tell about their cuisine and customs while entertaining you with occasional stories.

  • A lovely country with fresh air and beautiful sunrises. Sadly, commutes were atrocious. I’ve been to many places where traffic is crazy, but Thailand is something else. Thousands of scooters and cars of all shapes and forms. I was praying to get back to my hotel or reach my destination to get out of traffic. Food was good though. I also have a couple of short travel stories about local cuisine.
  • Did you know that many Indians still call this place Bombay? I was surprised. Mumbai is one of those cities that you cannot forget. It feels like being inside of a big ant nest. Mumbai swarms around you. People are everywhere. I visited several temples and helped with water shortages in the rural areas. I don’t think that I will ever return here, but the experience was memorable!
  • It is where I currently am. It is a great city lit by gigantic screens and neon lights. To be honest, I did not expect that this city would feel so much like big cities of America. I guess, I grew up in a closet and thought that there is nothing brighter and livelier than Las Vegas. Boy, was I wrong! Here, happened one of the most memorable stories. Beginner’s luck is a thing! I played only in an online casino before that and for free (got a casino bonus). I did not expect to get lucky at all!

What happens in Macau&hellip

There is a reason why I decided to stay here for a while. To understand it, listen to one of my short travel stories.

I arrived to Macau about a month ago. Had a couple of business meetings planned and was scheduled to assist one guy from a European newspaper. Long story short, I walk out of the airport building and start calling for a taxi. The driver was more than pleasant and talked with me in English. However, his attitude changed when we arrived at the hotel where I booked a room. You see, I lost my wallet with all my cash and my credit cards.

Thankfully, despite being very angry at me, the taxi driver believed my sob story and drove off without a scandal. At least, I had my passport that I usually put in my backpack. I had to stay in the hotel for at least two days before my meetings. Without cash.

Anyways, as many other short travel stories, this one has a weird ending. After entering my room, I dropped my phone, and it fell under the bed. While looking for it, I found a 100 macau pataca bill (about $12). “It could buy me a couple of meals,” I thought to myself. However, I was in such a tragic state of mind that thinking clearly was not my forte at the moment. I remembered that I walked by a casino with slots games. I never played before. I tried a couple of games in the best online casino with the casino bonus provided by the site. That’s it.

The next 30 minutes of my life were the most awkward for many reasons. First, I didn’t know how to use slots games (they were different, not like those in Vegas). I also thought about low-stakes roulette games to kill some time. Anyways, I went in the hall, bought literally 10 chips, and sat in front an “alien” slot machine…

And then, I won. A freaking X10 000 multiplier! A jackpot! My winnings translated to roughly $12 300. So, now I’m set for at least a couple of months in Macau! I think that I owe this city something. It was such a lucky coincidence that I decided to share it with the world! I will be staying here until I receive my credit cards and finish my work… Thank you, Macau, for one of my most cherished short travel stories that I will be telling my grandchildren!